Round 2 Misc. BF Airbrushed Mask!

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Round 2 Misc. BF Airbrushed Mask!

1 of 1 airbrushed & dyed mask.
No two are the same but each print placement is carefully considered.

For pickups in Seattle, WA use code LOCALPICKUP at checkout.
Pickup near Beacon Hill. Message @bellyflopp on Instagram with the name on your order for pickup times & instructions.

-nose wire *removable for washing*
-shoelace ties (loops over ears & ties once behind the head)
-2 layers of 100% cotton
-lining pocket for slipping in additional filters (paper towels, coffee filters, etc.)

-remove nose wire
-hand-wash with hot water & detergent
-hang to dry
*Can be machine washed alone on delicate cycle but to prolong the life of your mask - hand-wash.
*Can be steamed & ironed.

Medium Fits Most - Large Is Just A Smidge Larger (1/4" added in length at the chin) & Also Fits Most!

Your purchase of my hand-made masks funds me and allows me to continue giving my time doing this important work on a volunteer basis - making PPE for hospital workers, and donating masks to other workers in need.

*This materials breakdown does not include the time I spent hand-painting & dyeing the airbrushed bedsheets (a few days of work), time spent hand-drawing & designing the two textile prints on mesh (about a week of work), or the time spent sourcing the vintage fabrics on Etsy (countless hours digging for treasures).

Average $4/mask in materials
Takes an hour to make each mask
I paint, design, cut and sew these masks and my partner assists me throughout production in cutting, prepping, shipping, etc. 

$4 (avg. materials)
$20 (2x10 per person per hour)
$24 (price of mask)
(*not including fees taken from PayPal & Big Cartel)